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My Photography and Videography Services

Let me capture the essence of your brand through stunning visuals. From kitesurfing to beach portraits, I am your go-to photographer and videographer in Cape Town for all your sport and lifestyle marketing needs.

Professional photographer/videographer specializing in capturing the essence of sport and lifestyle in Cape Town. Book now for stunning beach portraits and influencer photo shoots.



As a seasoned photographer with 9 years of dedicated experience my expertise lies in delivering unique, superior quality visuals. My work has empowered brands to elevate their campaigns, stand out from the crowd, and truly resonate with their audience. Isn't it time to give your brand a professional edge? Let's take your brand to unprecedented heights together. 



As a videographer with a 9 years background in photography, I have the ability and the passion to frame your story in a unique, captivating manner. With three years of dedicated videography experience and a nine-year-long journey in the world of photography, my skill set is diverse, allowing me to capture the essence of your precious moments.



With nearly a decade of experience, I'm equipped to guide you through the intricate process of setting up a successful marketing campaign. From the initial stages of brand creation to the fulfillment of your marketing and business objectives, I've got your back.

Cape Town based photographer and videographer focusing on kitesurfing. Content creator and marketing agency.

Elevate Your Brand with an Expert Cape Town Photographer, Videographer, and Marketing Specialist

I am your go-to professional photographer, videographer, and marketing specialist, boasting an impressive 9-year track record of excellence in the industry. If you're seeking to enhance your brand's identity and take it to soaring heights, you've come to the right place. Nestled in the vibrant city of Cape Town, I am dedicated to delivering cutting-edge visual storytelling that resonates with your target audience and leaves a lasting impact. Let's embark on an extraordinary journey together, where creativity meets innovation, and your brand's potential knows no bounds. Join me in capturing moments, crafting narratives, and propelling your business into the limelight. Get ready to witness your brand's transformation like never before.

Modeling Portfolio Test Shoot and Package. Elevate your modeling or acting career with a professional photographer in Cape Town. Book a modeling portfolio test shoot and package to showcase your talent to agencies and clients.

Your perfect kitesurfing photos and videos

Professional model on the beach in Cape Town doing a modeling portfolio photoshoot with a professional photographer

Cape Town based photographer and videographer focusing on kitesurfing. Content creator and marketing agency.

Don't settle for ordinary. 

Let's create an extraordinary brand together that'll leave a lasting impression. Get in touch today and make your vision come to life!

Your perfect kitesurfing photos and videos

Kitesurfer Jason Van der Spuy doing a mega loop with his Airush Lift Kite at the infamous Kitebeach spot in Cape Town. Every summer the kite surf community is coming to Blouberg to raise the level.

Kitesurfing and marketing is a passion!

Transform your brand with
eye-catching visuals and engaging content!

Ready to elevate your brand and captivate your audience? As a professional photographer and videographer with 9 years of experience working for Europe's biggest bicycle manufacturer, I know exactly what it takes to make your campaign stand out! 

Photographer and videographer with kitesurfing and marketing as a passion!

Kitesurfer and model Jason Van der Spuy wearing the Brunotti summer collection in Cape Town. Photo shoot at sunrise around Signal Hill and Lions Head.

Let me help you set up the perfect marketing campaign. 

Together, we'll not only showcase your products, but also build a strong connection with your customers. With my industry insights and expertise, we'll create tailored content that speaks directly to your target audience. 

Kitesurfer Josh Emanuel at the Red Bull King of the Air 2022. The worlds biggest kite surf big air competition in Cape Town, Blouberg.

Don't just know me - understand my professional story! 

Curious to learn more about me? Dive into my world! Discover my work and portfolio which paints a vivid picture of my skills, vision, and journey. 

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